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Terms and Conditions


These terms of use are applicable to the online services produced and maintained by Lehtipiste (hereinafter Lehtipiste or the Service Provider).

In these terms of use, online services (hereinafter the Services) refer to all internet services provided or maintained by Lehtipiste, including website pages and any related electronic reporting and other services.

These terms apply to all Services maintained by Lehtipiste and to the use of any content and materials provided through such Services, unless otherwise mentioned or agreed with regard to a particular Service.

To use the Services, users (hereinafter the User) must accept these terms of use as binding on them.


Lehtipiste is responsible for the legality of the Services' editorial and other content, as well as for the conformity of such content with good business practices. Lehtipiste is not responsible for the views or opinions presented in discussion or other equivalent forums.

Lehtipiste continuously develops the Services and has the right to change a Service or the content thereof as part of its normal operations as and whenever it deems fit to do so. Lehtipiste also has the right to discontinue the provision and production of a Service at any time whatsoever.

The Services may be available to Users with or without registration.


3.1 User's rights, responsibilities and obligations

In addition to any other rights, responsibilities and obligations mentioned in these terms of use, Users are subject to the following responsibilities and obligations.

3.1.1 User's rights

The User has the right to use the Services in accordance with these terms of use for legal purposes that conform with good practices. The Services may also give Users access to services that are the responsibility of other information producers and service providers and the use of which may require the acceptance of separate terms of use.

Users may use the materials solely for their personal purposes in the private domain.

3.1.2 User's responsibilities and obligations

The User is responsible for procuring the equipment, connections and software needed for using the Services and the functionality thereof, as well as for such equipment, connections and software not causing disruptions or damage to the Service Provider or other internet users. Any devices and software that may cause disturbance or damage must be disconnected immediately. Users are responsible for ensuring that they do not cause disruptions or inconvenience to other users when using the Services and that they do not infringe on the rights of other users, the Service Provider or third parties.

The User agrees not to save, store, distribute, submit or forward material that is against the law and/or good practice in the Services and not to encourage or promote such activity. Users are responsible for not saving, distributing, submitting or forwarding in or through the Services material that is protected by copyright, a trade mark right or some other form of intellectual property right without the permission of such material's author or right-holder. The User bears the costs and expenses arising from any disputes and damages related to the aforementioned materials and activities.
The Services include materials protected by copyright, trade mark rights and other intellectual property rights. The Services in and of themselves are protected by copyright in accordance with the valid Finnish Copyright Act.

Users may not include the Services or a part thereof on their own homepages or link the Services to their homepages for earnings-related purposes without the written permission of Lehtipiste.

The User is aware of the fact that the internet, as an operating environment, may cause defects to the functionality of the Services or system and that information security constitutes a risk in current information systems. Users are also responsible for protecting their own computers, information technology systems and other such devices and equipment.

3.2 Lehtipiste's rights, responsibilities and obligations

In addition to any other rights, responsibilities and obligations mentioned in these terms of use, Lehtipiste is subject to the following responsibilities and obligations.

3.2.1 Lehtipiste's rights

The Service provider is entitled but not obligated to review, edit or prohibit the publishing of material that it considers inappropriate, particularly if said material is contrary to the law, good practices or marketing regulations. The Service Provider has the right to prevent the User from using the Services if it has reason to suspect that the Services are being used for purposes that are contrary to the law or good practices, or if an authority so requests.

The Service Provider has the right to decide on the content of the Services as it deems fit and to change the Services' content.

The Service Provider is entitled to suspend the provision of the Services if this is necessary due to the Services or their technical modification or renewal or the installation, change or maintenance work of the general communication network, or if laws, regulations or the orders, instructions or opinions issued by authorities or the recommendations issued by the industry's central organisations so require. The Service Provider strives to keep such interruptions as short as possible and to ensure that the inconvenience caused will remain as minor as possible. Insofar as possible, the Service Provider will announce any interruptions in advance.

3.2.2 Lehtipiste's responsibilities and obligations

The Service Provider is responsible for the legality of any editorial content it produces in the Services and strives to provide as high a quality of Services as possible, but does not, in any way or form, guarantee the operational reliability of the Services or a related information product or service or any other services available through the Services.

The Service Provider is not liable for any consequential or indirect loss or damage incurred by the User. With regard to services that are free of charge, the Service provider is not liable for any direct, consequential or indirect loss or damage incurred by the User.

The Service Provider is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of information presented in the Services or made available through the Services, or the faultlessness of products or services sold or conveyed through the Services, or for the accuracy of any information pertaining to them.

The Service Provider is not responsible for the system's functionality or for any breaks or disruptions in data communications caused by technical failures, maintenance or installation work or for any alteration or loss of data or the like caused thereby. For its own part, the Service Provider strives to keep the internet free of disturbances.

The Service Provider repairs any defects and problems in the Services during normal working hours and without unnecessary delays once it becomes aware/is notified of such defects or problems.

The Service Provider strives to ensure that the Services meet reasonable information security requirements, but is not liable for any damage incurred by the User as a result of information security deficiencies or information security risks, such as computer viruses.


The publishing of advertisements and announcements in the media of Lehtipiste is subject to Service Provider's currently valid terms and conditions. Advertisers must comply with the currently valid basic international rules and regulations applicable to advertising.

The Service Provider strives to publish all accepted advertisements/announcements on the agreed dates. However, if an advertisement/announcement cannot be published due to production-related or other operational reason or due to a reason related to the User, an external information producer or an external service provider, Lehtipiste is not liable for the possible loss or damage incurred.

Lehtipiste's maximum liability for a failure to publish an advertisement/announcement or for an error that occurs in the context thereof is equal to the price of the advertisement/announcement.

Complaints must be made within eight (8) days of the publishing of the advertisement/announcement or its intended publishing date.


5.1 Material produced by Lehtipiste and other Material to which the Service Provider has a right

All rights (including ownership, copyright and other intellectual property rights) related to the material produced by Lehtipiste belong to Lehtipiste.

5.2 Use of Material in the Service Provider's services

Any material saved in the Services will become a part of Lehtipiste's digital databases without separate compensation and may be published as part of the databases and made available to the public when publishing the databases.

Lehtipiste has the right to publish and make available to the public any material or a part thereof saved in the Services in the other digital media of Lehtipiste.


The following must be considered as constituting force majeure, provided that they prevent the fulfilment of the terms of use or render it unreasonably difficult: a labour dispute and all other factors over which the parties have no control, such as unforeseen changes in manpower, fire, war, mobilisation, requisition, seizure, exchange restriction, insurrection, power failure and disruptions in telecommunications and/or internet traffic. A party is released from its obligations and liability for damages for the duration of the force majeure.

The Service Provider may announce a force majeure on its web pages related to the Services.


These terms of use are applicable to all Services maintained by Lehtipiste, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

Lehtipiste has the right to amend these terms of use and any possible Service-specific terms and conditions, provided that it announces such amendments on the Services' web pages well in advance of their entry into force.


The terms of use are governed by Finnish law. Any possible disputes are primarily resolved through negotiations but, should the parties fail to reach an accord in the negotiations, in a general court of law, the court of first instance being the District Court of Vantaa. Consumer Users are entitled to refer the dispute to the Consumer Disputes Board for a decision.