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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are foreign newspapers in Finland available for sale later than in their country of origin?

The distribution of a foreign newspaper in Finland is dependent on the newspaper's printing schedule and the speed with which the paper arrives in Finland. Delays in distribution are often the result of cancelled flights and strikes.

Where can I buy back issues?

Back issues can be requested from the publisher directly. Lehtipiste does not store issues or products that are no longer on sale.

Why does it take so long for an imported magazine to reach Finland?

Magazines from the United States arrive in Finland by maritime transport via Sweden; this takes three weeks. British magazines also arrive by maritime transport on a weekly basis. The products are delivered to outlets immediately after Lehtipiste has added stickers with prices and other cover details to the products.

How can I buy the magazine I want from as close by as possible?

 You can ask your nearest R-kioski to add the magazine to their selection.

Why is a particular magazine no longer available at newspaper and magazine stands?

Either the publisher no longer publishes the magazine or its sales have not reached sufficient level.

To whom should I address a complaint concerning a defective magazine?

You can return a defective magazine to the outlet from which you bought it. This also applies to magazines that are missing a supplement promised on the cover (unless the lack thereof in Finland is mentioned separately).

Why don’t foreign newspapers contain the all of the same supplements/sections as are available in the country of origin?

It is up to the publisher to decide which supplements/sections it delivers abroad.

How can I get the missing parts to a series of collectibles?

Most products include instructions on how to order missing parts. If you cannot find any, please contact Lehtipiste.